Welcome to SpeakyChat

Add real chat with voice and webcam to your website,
talk with peoples and see your friends through a webcam.

  • All communication is secure encrypted
  • Good voice quality by low bandwith (1,5 KB/s), you can choose between 3 different levels of quality
  • Users can publish their webcam and see any other at the same time
  • all options can be changed with a mouseclick
  • Rooms can be protected by password
  • internal admin-interface to manage all tasks like usereditor, live-protocol, ban/gag-list
  • many actions for operators and admins: Kick, Mute, Gag, Ban, Camblock, Free Mic...
  • Permissions can be assigned for each user
  • Undercover-Mode to stealth a admin as user
  • you can use your own icons, pictures and animotions in the chat
  • multilanguage (english/arabic/turkish/german)
  • hd-serial-protection for ban/gag/mute and for secure admin-login
Online Support
15:00 - 01:00 (GMT+1)
Central European Time

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